Thứ Ba, 21 tháng 1, 2014

Taking care of weight equipment

Weights are becoming popular, thanks to their ease of use within the home. They can often be made from a selection of different materials, including rubber, metal, urethane and paint. It is not complicated to look after a set of weights, however each material may require a different cleaning technique.

Although weights are often made from strong and durable materials, they should still be looked after with care, so as to maximize their life. It is important not to slam the weights into one another. It is also important not to drop them or throw them onto the floor in any way, as this can break them and make them unusable.

Many weights and dumbbells are often covered with a paint coating, which keeps them looking new. This outside surface can get damaged and can scratch. The surface can also attract dirt and dust. To clean the surface of the weights effectively, take a bucket of water and mix in a small amount of liquid soap. Soak a cloth into the warm water and wipe on the weights to clean them. Then take another dry cloth and clean off the water. Make sure that the weights are completely dry, so as to avoid any rusting that may happen.

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