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Taking care of weight equipment

Weights are becoming popular, thanks to their ease of use within the home. They can often be made from a selection of different materials, including rubber, metal, urethane and paint. It is not complicated to look after a set of weights, however each material may require a different cleaning technique.

Although weights are often made from strong and durable materials, they should still be looked after with care, so as to maximize their life. It is important not to slam the weights into one another. It is also important not to drop them or throw them onto the floor in any way, as this can break them and make them unusable.

Many weights and dumbbells are often covered with a paint coating, which keeps them looking new. This outside surface can get damaged and can scratch. The surface can also attract dirt and dust. To clean the surface of the weights effectively, take a bucket of water and mix in a small amount of liquid soap. Soak a cloth into the warm water and wipe on the weights to clean them. Then take another dry cloth and clean off the water. Make sure that the weights are completely dry, so as to avoid any rusting that may happen.

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Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Weight training is an excellent form of physical exercise that can be utilized to build either lean or bulk muscle depending on the form and amount of weight used. The dumbbell is a classic example of a tool used in weight training that allows you to diversify your workout routine and expand beyond the limitations of only using body resistance forms of exercise. Modernization and technological innovations have brought into existence a type of dumbbell that is multi-functional in terms of weight alterations, this type of dumbbell is referred to as an adjustable dumbbell set. If you are an avid weight lifter and are looking for an efficient method of facilitating your exercise routine, the refer below to how an adjustable dumbbell set can benefit you.

An adjustable dumbbell set is similar to a free weight dumbbell set, given that it has the same physical structure, the only difference is that with the adjustable set you can easily alter the weight of the dumbbell. This has benefits when it comes to decreasing the amount of time needed to prepare for an exercise, and decreasing the amount of free weights needed. With an adjustable dumbbell set you are getting an entire free weight system compiled into one dumbbell which eliminates the need to purchase multiple dumbbells, thus saving you both time and money in regards to your physical exercise routine.

Overall, utilizing weights in your workout routine enables you to build muscle more quickly and to a higher degree than using body resistance forms of exercise. An adjustable dumbbell set in particular is one of the best facilitators to compiling a diverse weight training routine, and has benefits within the realms of saving you time and money. So if you regularly incorporate free weights into your exercise regime, refer above to the prospective benefits of an adjustable dumbbell set and how it can assist you on your path to building muscle and attaining an overall improved fitness level.

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Innovative Adjustable Dumbbells From Bowflex

Bowflex has introduced an ingenious twist on the traditional dumbbell. Ordinary dumbbells require lots of free space, and ideally a large rack to store them. The new Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells offer a game-changing solution to this problem. Only two Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells are needed to replace an entire set of dumbbells ranging from as light as five pounds to as heavy as 52.5 pounds. This wide range allows them to replace 30 traditional dumbbells.

These unique dumbbells are loaded with features that make them easy and convenient to use. The main feature is its dial-adjustment system that allows users to adjust the weight of each dumbbell with a simple twist of the dial found on each dumbbell. For the first 25 pounds, adjustments are available in 2.5-pound increments, followed by 5-pound increments. The poundages are clearly marked, so it is easy to dial in the correct weight. The optional custom stand provides safe and convenient storage with an incredibly small footprint. A durable molding around each of the metal plates eliminates clanging metal, so workouts are quiet. The free bonus SelectTech workout DVD offers over 80 variations of over 30 different exercises, so a complete total-body workout is easily achievable. The dumbbells are warrantied for two years, while the stands are warrantied for an incredible 30 years.

The Bowflex SelectTech552 adjustable dumbbells are the perfect dumbbells for home or office use, or any place where space is at a premium. Not only do they save an incredible amount of space compared to traditional dumbbells, they also make workouts simpler, easier, and more efficient. These innovative dumbbells' ability to change the weight at the turn of a dial, along with their other high-quality features and space-saving design, makes the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells the perfect choice for any consumer.

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When Purchasing Dumbbells, use These Dumbbell Guidelines

Many times when people start a workout program they include working with dumbbells, especially adjustable dumbbells. There are two reasons why a person might choose adjustable dumbbells over regular dumbbells, which are:

• Some are lighter in weight
• Some are faster in speed

Adjustable dumbbells consist of a metal bar with a center portion that may be engraved with a pattern such as a crosshair pattern to help improve a person’s grip. To make the dumbbells heavier as you workout more are plates, or weight disks, in various weights that slide onto the outer portion of your dumbbells. They are secured there with a clip so you can take off or add on weight as needed. These plates can range in weight from five pounds and up. Both sides of the weights will have the same size weight plate.

Dumbbells guideline to getting the right dumbbells for your weight workout

• Weight—as mentioned, all of these adjustable dumbbells have weights that are adjustable. There are some that will only offer up to twenty-five pounds for every piece of the dumbbell so that would be a total of fifty pounds for both of your hands. Many times you can buy a pair of dumbbells or just one. For working out many want a dumbbell for each hand instead of one that they have to switch back and forth between their hands. Know what you are going to use the dumbbells for such as building up your muscles, loosing fat, etc and get the ones that are best for that objective. If you are using dumbbells to build up your muscles in time you will have to add more weight because the weight you are using are not having any effect on your muscles.
• Handle—the handles of these dumbbells can be made of alloy, coated with rubber, or pure metal. The most comfortable type of handle would be ones that are ergonomic designed. This type of design has curves so that it will fit better in your hands or the palms of your hands.
• Plating—this is the material that your dumbbells are made from such as heavy duty chrome steel or a combination of metals and plastics.
• Warranty—some dumbbells have a warranty of twelve months while other have a thirty-six month warranty. There are also some that have a limited warranty of two years or a lifetime. Check the package to see what warranty the dumbbells offer and what it covers.

If you still have questions do not hesitate to ask the sales clerk but if you follow these dumbbells guidelines you should be able to get the ones that best suit your needs.
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How to find the best adjustable dumbbells

Finding the best adjustable dumbbells does not have to be a daunting task. We all know that these types of dumbbells are beneficial for several reasons. Such as they are portable, space-savers as well as more economical. Here are some ways that will help you find the best ones.

Online shopping

The best place to start your search is online. You will be able to search fast and easily on several websites. You will be able to see the products, the specifications as well as the price all in one place. You will be able to see reviews from other customers so that you can find the right fit for you.

Buying locally

If you are looking to buy locally then you will first need to find all the stores in your areas which sale these products. When you go to look at all the different products, make sure that you ask the staff all the questions that you have. This will make finding what you need a lot faster.

Friends and family

Many times if friends or family own these products they can assist you in finding the best product for you. Let them know what you are looking for and they can most definite be of assistance. This will make your search easier.

So when you are looking for the best adjustable dumbbells these are just some of the ways to find them faster and easier. Make sure that you gather all the information that you need. This will ensure that you are well educated.

With all the choices that are available to you, you are sure to find exactly what you need and want. Make sure to check online as well as locally so that you will have a chance to look at several different products. Keep in mind that there are several options available to you.
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How to Choose the Right Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you are just starting out lifting weights you may find yourself asking friends, family members, and co-workers that you know are working out just what type adjustable dumbbell set to buy. As a result you will probably be given many different answers with no clear cut idea of which set you should purchase. To help you out, here are some things to consider when purchasing your first adjustable dumbbell set.

What are your needs?

Are you going to use the dumbbells for starting an extreme fitness program where you are going to need to add weights to help build up your muscles, to help you get fit, to strengthen your arm muscles, etc. Once you know just what you will be using them for it will help you decided the correct weight range you need your adjustable dumbbell set to have. What this means is do you need weights that range from five pounds to twenty-five pounds, or do you need to start out with heavier weights and move on to heavier ones.

What do you require from your adjustable dumbbells?

As you will see when you go to the store to purchase your dumbbells there are many different brands that have their own unique features, which can make choosing a set a bit overwhelming. Before you go to the store know what you want from your dumbbells. Do you want an adjustable dumbbell set that requires a docking station, which can make them a little bulkier than other dumbbells? Or would you prefer to not have a docking station so you can increase or reduce the size of the dumbbells according to the weight resistance you have selected?

You should also decide if you want to adjust the weights on your dumbbells by removing a magnetic pin or simply by turning a dial. One thing you should be aware of is that the adjustable weights that are adjusted by the turn of a dial can become temperamental when you are changing the setting, especially if you are not changing them on a flat surface. To alleviate this problem you could purchase a stand to use with this type of adjustable dumbbell set but this can get expensive.

Do your research and make sure what you know what your needs are and what you expect out of the dumbbells before you go to the store to purchase an adjustable dumbbell set.