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When Purchasing Dumbbells, use These Dumbbell Guidelines

Many times when people start a workout program they include working with dumbbells, especially adjustable dumbbells. There are two reasons why a person might choose adjustable dumbbells over regular dumbbells, which are:

• Some are lighter in weight
• Some are faster in speed

Adjustable dumbbells consist of a metal bar with a center portion that may be engraved with a pattern such as a crosshair pattern to help improve a person’s grip. To make the dumbbells heavier as you workout more are plates, or weight disks, in various weights that slide onto the outer portion of your dumbbells. They are secured there with a clip so you can take off or add on weight as needed. These plates can range in weight from five pounds and up. Both sides of the weights will have the same size weight plate.

Dumbbells guideline to getting the right dumbbells for your weight workout

• Weight—as mentioned, all of these adjustable dumbbells have weights that are adjustable. There are some that will only offer up to twenty-five pounds for every piece of the dumbbell so that would be a total of fifty pounds for both of your hands. Many times you can buy a pair of dumbbells or just one. For working out many want a dumbbell for each hand instead of one that they have to switch back and forth between their hands. Know what you are going to use the dumbbells for such as building up your muscles, loosing fat, etc and get the ones that are best for that objective. If you are using dumbbells to build up your muscles in time you will have to add more weight because the weight you are using are not having any effect on your muscles.
• Handle—the handles of these dumbbells can be made of alloy, coated with rubber, or pure metal. The most comfortable type of handle would be ones that are ergonomic designed. This type of design has curves so that it will fit better in your hands or the palms of your hands.
• Plating—this is the material that your dumbbells are made from such as heavy duty chrome steel or a combination of metals and plastics.
• Warranty—some dumbbells have a warranty of twelve months while other have a thirty-six month warranty. There are also some that have a limited warranty of two years or a lifetime. Check the package to see what warranty the dumbbells offer and what it covers.

If you still have questions do not hesitate to ask the sales clerk but if you follow these dumbbells guidelines you should be able to get the ones that best suit your needs.

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