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How to Choose the Right Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you are just starting out lifting weights you may find yourself asking friends, family members, and co-workers that you know are working out just what type adjustable dumbbell set to buy. As a result you will probably be given many different answers with no clear cut idea of which set you should purchase. To help you out, here are some things to consider when purchasing your first adjustable dumbbell set.

What are your needs?

Are you going to use the dumbbells for starting an extreme fitness program where you are going to need to add weights to help build up your muscles, to help you get fit, to strengthen your arm muscles, etc. Once you know just what you will be using them for it will help you decided the correct weight range you need your adjustable dumbbell set to have. What this means is do you need weights that range from five pounds to twenty-five pounds, or do you need to start out with heavier weights and move on to heavier ones.

What do you require from your adjustable dumbbells?

As you will see when you go to the store to purchase your dumbbells there are many different brands that have their own unique features, which can make choosing a set a bit overwhelming. Before you go to the store know what you want from your dumbbells. Do you want an adjustable dumbbell set that requires a docking station, which can make them a little bulkier than other dumbbells? Or would you prefer to not have a docking station so you can increase or reduce the size of the dumbbells according to the weight resistance you have selected?

You should also decide if you want to adjust the weights on your dumbbells by removing a magnetic pin or simply by turning a dial. One thing you should be aware of is that the adjustable weights that are adjusted by the turn of a dial can become temperamental when you are changing the setting, especially if you are not changing them on a flat surface. To alleviate this problem you could purchase a stand to use with this type of adjustable dumbbell set but this can get expensive.

Do your research and make sure what you know what your needs are and what you expect out of the dumbbells before you go to the store to purchase an adjustable dumbbell set.

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